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In June 2016, as part of the Open Government Action Plan, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) committed to increasing the transparency and usefulness of grants and contribution data and subsequently launched the Guidelines on the Reporting of Grants and Contributions Awards, effective April 1, 2018.

The rules and principles governing government grants and contributions are outlined in the Treasury Board Policy on Transfer Payments. Transfer payments are transfers of money, goods, services or assets made from an appropriation to individuals, organizations or other levels of government, without the federal government directly receiving goods or services in return, but which may require the recipient to provide a report or other information subsequent to receiving payment. These expenditures are reported in the Public Accounts of Canada. The major types of transfer payments are grants, contributions and 'other transfer payments'.

Included in this category, but not to be reported under proactive disclosure of awards, are (1) transfers to other levels of government such as Equalization payments as well as Canada Health and Social Transfer payments. (2) Grants and contributions reallocated or otherwise redistributed by the recipient to third parties; and (3) information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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Jul. 27, 2020
Agreement: Contribution to Institute for Democracy, media and Culture (IDMC) (16423) (Jul. 27, 2020 - Apr. 30, 2021)

Propaganda, disinformation and online tactics to undermine democracy.

Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Program Name: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
Location: Tirana , Albania


Feb. 26, 2020
Agreement: Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) (3510683) (Feb. 26, 2020 - Sep. 30, 2021)

The purpose of this TCAP contribution is to support knowledge development in the field and fast identification and removal of terrorist content online by disrupting the terrorist propaganda distribution ecosystem to limit the potential for radicalization globally.

Organization: Public Safety Canada
Program Name: (CRF) Community Resilience Fund
Location: London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EC1V 9BJ


Jan. 21, 2019

Improving the quality of information in local media and skills of journalists and students in Luhansk region to recognize fake news and propaganda via trainings, workshops and publications-

Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Location: Ukraine, Ukraine


Oct. 28, 2018

The goal of the proposed project is to develop awareness among the community regarding the rumor and propaganda spread by social media.

Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Location: Bangladesh, Bangladesh


Jul. 3, 2018

Countering Malign Russian Influence and Propaganda in Moldova: Women Issues

Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Location: Sofia/ Sofia, Bulgaria


Mar. 8, 2016
Organization: Canadian Heritage
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Nov. 11, 2015
Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Location: Amman, Jordan, Jordan
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