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CEA - Canadian Media Producers Association - 19/20
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7415576 P008741001
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Apr. 12, 2019 - May 30, 2020
The purpose of this CanExport Associations contribution agreement is to support organizations and ultimately aims to increase the competitiveness of Canadian companies, in the international marketplace, on a sectoral basis, thereby contributing to Canadian prosperity and the growth of the Canadian economy. This financial support enables the recipient to undertake new or expanded international business development promotion activities, in a given sector, for the benefit of its entire industry (member and non-member firms).
Global Affairs Canada
Expected Results:

Stimulate the engagement of Canadian industry associations, their members, and non-member firms in international markets, in order to expand commercial linkages and facilitate future successes abroad, as measured by analysis of recipient performance reports and surveys.

Ottawa , Ontario, Canada K1P 5J6
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Grants and Contributions
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Not-for-profit organizations and charities
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Canadian Media Producers Association
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Ottawa Centre
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CanExport - Associations
Program Purpose:

To increase Canadian prosperity, capacity and competitiveness in the international marketplace by financially supporting national trade or industry associations (or a regional association with a national perspective) or national horizontal/multi-sectoral organizations undertaking international business development activities for the benefit of member and non-member firms.

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