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Support to Local Health Care Educational Communities for Women and Girls
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7419681 P006775001
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Mar. 27, 2020 - Jun. 30, 2025
The project aims to improve access to quality health services adapted to the needs of adolescent girls and women in Mali, in the regions of Bamako, Kayes, Koulikoro, Segou and Sikasso. Project activities include: (1) rehabilitating and providing equipment in public school institutions to address clinical training needs in primary health care/SRHR and environmental standards; (2) providing training and coaching teachers and supervisors on development programs in primary health care/sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender equality and environment; (3) implementing safe pilot facilities for pregnant women and survivors of gender based violence; and (4) developing and implementing comprehensive sexual education campaigns for adolescents and on positive masculinity for men and boys. The project aims to improve access to inclusive, quality and gender-responsive health system for 500,000 people, mainly women and girls. The project also aims to provide training to 2,800 health professionals.
Global Affairs Canada
Expected Results:

The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) increased availability of new qualified health professionals in primary health care and sexual and reproductive health and rights; (2) increased use by women and girls of gender-sensitive primary health services/sexual and reproductive health and rights; and (3) increased effectiveness of the Health Human Resources Directorate in ensuring the development of an innovative and equitable model for the training, distribution and retention of healthcare workers.

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International Development Assistance Program
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The main purpose on the International Development Assistance Program is to reduce poverty for those living in countries where Global Affairs Canada engages in international development.

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