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HÈRÈ - Women's well-being in Mali
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7428954 P008116001
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Mar. 16, 2021 - Mar. 31, 2025
This project seeks to improve the well-being of women and girls in the Sikasso, Ségou and Mopti regions and the district of Bamako in Mali. Project activities include the following: (i) delivering better family planning services and post-abortion care to more than 200,000 women and adolescent girls; (ii) raising awareness among more than 1,000,000 people through interactive radio programs or other kinds of campaigns on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and gender based violence (GBV); (iii) providing 465 community members, 120 female members of women’s groups, and at least 200 community health centre care providers and mobile midwives with training on SRH and GBV; (iv) training 16 district-level trainer-supervisors so as to ensure the sustainability and good governance of the health system; (v) holding sessions to lobby 150 key decision makers and policy leaders on SRH and GBV issues at the national and regional levels; and (vi) building the capacity of 20 media representatives to ensure awareness of and proper communication on the issues of gender inequality.
Global Affairs Canada
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The expected outcomes for this project include the following: (1) there are fewer socio cultural barriers that foster GBV and limit the use of SRH services by women and girls in the targeted regions; (2) the range and quality of SRH services and the response to GBV are improved, equitable and based on the rights of women, girls, men and boys in the targeted regions; and (3) the legislative and policy environment at the national and regional levels better promotes and protects women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights.

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Grants and Contributions
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International Development Assistance Program
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The main purpose on the International Development Assistance Program is to reduce poverty for those living in countries where Global Affairs Canada engages in international development.

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