National Action Plan on Open Government Commitment

Lead Organization:
Department for Women and Gender Equality
Substantial progress
In May 2019, the Department convened a Youth Working Group (YWG), from diverse backgrounds from across the country, to develop an approach to engage youth from different backgrounds in dialogue and action on advancing gender equality . In March 2021, the YWG concluded its discussions and consultations with other youth on advancing gender equality and supported the development of Canada’s first-ever State of Youth Report: For Youth, With Youth, By Youth. WAGE is also funding five Indigenous organizations to engage on gender equality with Indigenous youth, including through the development of toolkits and resource guides. Work is ongoing as WAGE has these agreements in place with the organizations over 5 years (2019-2024) to continue to advance this work. In August 2019, WAGE also funded four pilot projects to test promising practices identified through consultations with stakeholders on the development of a strategy to engage men and boys. Three of the four projects were completed during the spring 2021, and results are currently being reviewed. The final project will be completed by March 2022.
Evidence of progress:
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