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The Yukon Territory is underlain by a great variety of rock types ranging in age from Early Proterozoic to Recent and representing diverse environments including epicratonic basins, subsiding shelves, foreland basins, island arcs and deep ocean basins. Episodes of compressional and extensional deformation, transcurrent faulting, metamorphism and plutonism further complicate the map pattern. This complex geological record has been described in terms of the interactions of several terranes (large parts of the earth's crust which preserve a common geological record) with each other and with the margin of ancestral North America.

Last Updated: Mar. 29, 2022
Date Published: Aug. 27, 2019
Organization: Government of Yukon
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The Harlequin duck is a species at risk that occurs in the Torngat Mountains National Park. Fast-flowing rivers and streams constitute its breeding habitat but it is known to forgo breeding when abundance of aquatic insects is low. A helicopter survey is conducted every five years in late- July to count Harlequin ducks and other species at risk (Barrow's Goldeneye, Peregrine falcon, Polar bear) along the park's rivers and fjords. Harlequin ducks are counted and brood size and age is recorded.

Last Updated: Jun. 20, 2018
Date Published: Oct. 1, 2017
Organization: Parks Canada
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This data provides the integrated cadastral framework for the specified Canada Land. The cadastral framework consists of active and superseded cadastral parcel, roads, easements, administrative areas, active lines, points and annotations. The cadastral lines form the boundaries of the parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Jun. 21, 2014
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  boundaries, canada lands, indian lands, indian reserves, land management, parcel, survey

This table contains 319 series, with data for years 1981 - 2016 (not all combinations necessarily have data for all years). This table contains data described by the following dimensions (Not all combinations are available): Geography (11 items: Canada; Newfoundland and Labrador; Prince Edward Island; Nova Scotia; ...) Value added account (29 items: Total value of production; Sales of agricultural products; Sales to other farms; Sales to other sectors; ...).

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2023
Date Published: Nov. 28, 2022
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  agriculture and food, farm business, farm revenue and expenses, table

An archive of 2D regional seismic and long period magnetotelluric data collected during 20 years of work under the LITHOPROBE project. Data are primarily onshore and cover widespread regions of Canada. Available data types include raw digital data, processed sections, and images of final sections, as well as auxiliary information required for analysis of the data.

Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2022
Date Published: Jul. 1, 1997
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  apparent resistivity, conductivity, crustal structure, earth sciences, electromagnetic, geophysics, magnetics, magnetism, magnetotelluric

The data tables provide the statistical results from the Survey Intellectual Property Awareness and Use (IPAU) . The survey measures general awareness of intellectual property by businesses in Canada, as well as whether and how they protect their intellectual property in Canada and abroad. The tables are available by enterprise size, by sector, and by economic region, for the reference period from 2017 to 2019.

Last Updated: Jul. 27, 2021
Date Published: Jun. 30, 2021
Organization: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
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Keywords:  Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Industrial designs, Copyrights, Trade secrets, Industry, Business characteristics, Business Structure

Provides information on the first official language spoken for workers employed in selected justice occupations. These data are based on the 2001, 2006 and 2016 Censuses of Population as well the 2011 National Household Survey.

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2023
Date Published: Sep. 28, 2021
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  first official language spoken, language groups, languages, table

Questions and answers regarding the uses of Trisiloxane, 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexamethyl-3,3-bis[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]- (M4Q) and actions taken to protect the public and the environment.

Last Updated: Aug. 26, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 25, 2017
Organization: Health Canada
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Keywords:  chemical substances, batch 12, challenge, trisiloxane, octamethyl

Policies related to the Critical Injury Benefit.

Last Updated: Feb. 24, 2022
Date Published: Jul. 1, 2015
Organization: Veterans Affairs Canada
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Keywords:  Veterans Affairs Canada, VAC, Veterans, Policies, Critical Injury Benefit

Wildfire Year/dNBR/Mask 1985-2015Wildfire change magnitude 85-15. Spectral change magnitude for wildfires that occurred from 1985 and 2015. The wildfire change magnitude included in this product is expressed via differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR), computed as the variation between the spectral values before and after the change event. This dataset is composed of three layers: (1) binary wildfire mask, (2) year of greatest wildfire disturbance, and (3) differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR) transformed for data storage efficiency to the range 0-200.

Last Updated: Apr. 8, 2020
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2020
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Keywords:  Forests
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