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The Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin was designed primarily as a reference volume documenting the subsurface geology of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. This GIS dataset is one of a collection of shapefiles representing part of Chapter 11 of the Atlas, Devonian Beaverhill Lake Group of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Figure 16b, Fort Vermilion and Equivalent Lithofacies. Shapefiles were produced from archived digital files created by the Alberta Geological Survey in the mid-1990s, and edited in 2005-06 to correct, attribute and consolidate the data into single files by feature type and by figure.

Last Updated: Sep. 27, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2008
Organization: Government of Alberta
Keywords:  72E, 72L, 72M, 73D, 73E, 73L, 73M, 74D, 74E

This dataset provides the cumulative number and percent of people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine by vaccine product, number of doses, jurisdiction, and report week. Variables include:

  • Jurisdiction ID number

  • Jurisdiction

  • Report week

  • Vaccine product

  • Cumulative number vaccinated with at least 1 dose

  • Cumulative number vaccinated with 2 doses

  • Cumulative proportion vaccinated with at least 1 dose

  • Cumulative proportion vaccinated with 2 doses

For variable definitions, see the data dictionary. For details regarding data sources and limitations, see the technical notes section of the Canadian COVID-19 vaccination coverage report (

Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2021
Date Published: Feb. 5, 2021
Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada
Formats: CSV
Keywords:  COVID-19, vaccine, vaccination, vaccination coverage, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, vaccine product

This table contains 33 series, with data for years 1969 - 2012 (not all combinations necessarily have data for all years). This table contains data described by the following dimensions (Not all combinations are available): Geography (16 items: Canada and outside Canada;Newfoundland and Labrador;Prince Edward Island;Nova Scotia ...), Department of National Defence, components (3 items: Military personnel; unadjusted;Military wages and salaries;Military personnel; seasonally adjusted ...).

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2023
Date Published: Aug. 1, 2012
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  canadian military experience, currently serving members, earnings and wages by occupation industry or sector, earnings wages and non-wage benefits, employment and remuneration, government, labour, society and community, table

This data provides the integrated cadastral framework for the specified Canada Land. The cadastral framework consists of active and superseded cadastral parcel, roads, easements, administrative areas, active lines, points and annotations. The cadastral lines form the boundaries of the parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Jun. 12, 2015
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: SHP other
Keywords:  boundaries, canada lands, land management, national parks, parcel, survey

Data on police personnel (police officers by gender, civilian and other personnel), police-civilian ratio, police officers and authorized strength per 100,000 population, authorized police officer strength and selected crime statistics. Data is provided for Canada, provinces, territories and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) headquarters, training academy depot division and forensic labs, 1986 to 2021.

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2023
Date Published: Mar. 31, 2022
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  crime and justice, police services, sex, table

This data set provides a list of which missions have completed their planning, monitoring and reporting obligations for 2017-18 by business stream.  The plans included in this data set are the Head of Mission's,  Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Development, Common Services and Security and Emergency Management.  A program is considered complete when the status is set to Year End Assessment Complete.

Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2022
Date Published: Feb. 22, 2019
Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Formats: CSV
Keywords:  Global Affairs Canada, Planning and Reporting

This product provides information on Alberta Direct to Packer Sales, annual number sold and Weighted average prices ($ per 100 lbs) for a ten-year period. Monthly figures for 2012, 2013 and 2014 are included.

Last Updated: Jun. 27, 2018
Date Published: Aug. 1, 2015
Organization: Government of Alberta
Formats: XLSX
Keywords:  Agriculture Statistics Yearbook, Direct to Packer Sales, Livecstock

Abstract not available.

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1988
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: PDF JP2 other
Keywords:  earth sciences, geophysical surveys, geophysics, gradiometer surveys, magnetic surveys

Regional bedrock geology for Coal River map area (NTS 95D), southeast Yukon

Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2021
Date Published: May 10, 2019
Organization: Government of Yukon
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Keywords:  Yukon Geological Survey

Landscape hazard maps were completed as part of a community hazards mapping program coordinated by the Northern Climate ExChange (Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College). Potential landscape hazards were assessed under changing future conditions by incorporating a variety of data sets, including surficial geology, topography (slope and aspect), permafrost distribution, site-specific permafrost data (e.g. ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity tomography and borehole data), analyses of past hydrological and climatological trends, and future climate projections. The landscape hazard map identifies existing and potential geological hazards such as landslides, permafrost stability and flooding.

Last Updated: Mar. 30, 2022
Date Published: Aug. 27, 2019
Organization: Government of Yukon
Formats: XML HTML other
Keywords:  hazard, landscape hazard, geohazard, surficial geology, landslides, permafrost, hydrology, climate change, geomorphology
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