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This series of cartographic quality printed 1:50 000 scale monochrome maps cover the provincial extent of Alberta comprised of 764 maps that are individually named using the National Topographic System (NTS) map sheet identifier. These maps display the Alberta Township System (ATS), hydrographic features, municipalities, roads, cutlines, facilities, pipelines, powerlines, railways, select geo-administrative features (parks, reserves, etc.). All maps contained within a 1:250 000 block (generally up to 16 map sheets) will be included in the NTS Block download.This series is not updated on a regular basis and may contain a range of publication dates.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2007
Organization: Government of Alberta
Formats: XML HTML other
Keywords:  1 50 000 scale maps, alberta, alberta township system, ats, boundaries, canada, cutlines, facilities, geoadministrative boundaries

Contained within the Atlas of Canada's Reference Map Series, 1961 to 2010, is the latest version of a regularly-updated map of the National Atlas of Canada Base Map Series. Each version shows the World at an equatorial scale of 1: 35 000 000. The map is a general reference sheet focusing on showing the name and status of all sovereign countries and dependencies, and showing major cities. The 2005 version has two new additions: one is showing shaded relief for land areas; the other is showing bathymetric contours and colours for all marine areas.

Last Updated: Mar. 14, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2005
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: PDF JPG
Keywords:  boundaries, lakes, rivers, road networks, topography, urban communities

This data provides the integrated cadastral framework for the specified Canada Land. The cadastral framework consists of active and superseded cadastral parcel, roads, easements, administrative areas, active lines, points and annotations. The cadastral lines form the boundaries of the parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Apr. 24, 2015
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: SHP other
Keywords:  boundaries, canada lands, indian lands, indian reserves, land management, parcel, survey

This airborne or shipborne geophysical survey recorded the following parameters: Radiometric. The flight line spacing is 402 m. The survey was flown between 1970-08-08 and 1970-08-08. The data were Digitally acquired. Platform: Fixed-wing.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1971
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: other
Keywords:  earth sciences, gamma-ray spectrometers, gamma-ray surveys, airborne, geophysics, potassium, radioactivity, thorium, thorium-potassium ratios

This table provides statistical information about people in Canada by their demographic, social and economic characteristics as well as provide information about the housing units in which they live.

Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 26, 2013
Organization: Statistics Canada
Formats: XML
Keywords:  national household survey, nhs

A list of maximum tariffs (fees) that licensed grain companies charge for elevating, cleaning, drying and storing grain.

Last Updated: Jun. 29, 2022
Date Published: Oct. 17, 2013
Organization: Canadian Grain Commission
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Keywords:  cgc, grains, terminal, primary, process, elevators, eastern, tariffs, fees

Abstract not available.

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1988
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: PDF JP2 other
Keywords:  earth sciences, geophysical surveys, geophysics, magnetic surveys, total field magnetics

Natural resources satellite account, supply and use table, by natural resources sector and sub-sector, Canada, annual.

Last Updated: Mar. 2, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 14, 2022
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  economic accounts, natural resources accounts, satellite accounts, table

A map of Quebec including locations of indigenous communities.

Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2016
Organization: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
Formats: PDF HTML
Keywords:  Demographic maps, Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal languages

This layer details Important Areas (IAs) relevant to key cetacean species in the West Coast Vancouver Island (WCVI) ecoregion. This data was mapped to inform the selection of marine Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSA). Experts have indicated that these areas are relevant based upon their high ranking in one or more of three criteria (Uniqueness, Aggregation, and Fitness Consequences). The distribution of IAs within ecoregions is used in the designation of EBSAs.

Last Updated: Sep. 28, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 7, 2020
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Keywords:  Environmental planning, Marine ecosystems, EBSA, IA, Important Areas, British Columbia, BC, West Coast Vancouver Island, Ecology
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