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This table provides the current expenditure forecast for each statutory authority within a department or agency, for which a financial requirement has been identified.

Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 3, 2011
Organization: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
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Keywords:  Statutory forecasts, Statutory forecasts 2011-12 Main Estimates, Statutory Forecasts - Budgetary Expenditures, Statutory Forecasts - Non-Budgetary Authorities

The Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin was designed primarily as a reference volume documenting the subsurface geology of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. This GIS dataset is one of a collection of shapefiles representing part of Chapter 11 of the Atlas, Devonian Beaverhill Lake Group of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Figure 16a, Watt Mountain Formation and Equivalent Stratigraphic Units Lithofacies. Shapefiles were produced from archived digital files created by the Alberta Geological Survey in the mid-1990s, and edited in 2005-06 to correct, attribute and consolidate the data into single files by feature type and by figure.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2008
Organization: Government of Alberta
Keywords:  72e, 72l, 72m, 73d, 73e, 73l, 73m, 74d, 74e

If you’re a low-income senior, you may qualify for monthly Guaranteed Annual Income System payments. The data is organized by private income levels. The guaranteed income levels for April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022 are: * $1,700.53 monthly ($20,406.36 annually) for single pensioners * $1,314.87 monthly ($15,778.44 annually) per person for qualified couples About the Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System This data is related to: * Guaranteed Annual Income System payments for seniors * The Retirement Income System in Canada

Last Updated: Apr. 6, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 11, 2020
Organization: Government of Ontario
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Keywords:  Housing Communities and Social Support, Government and Finance, Taxes and benefits, benefits, old age security, seniors, elderly, Guaranteed Annual Income System

The dataset includes the astronomical images from the Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat). NEOSSat was launched on February 25, 2013 and it is the first space satellite dedicated to detecting and tracking asteroids and satellites. The suitcase-sized NEOSSat orbits at an altitude of approximately 780 kilometres above the Earth, searching for near-Earth asteroids that are difficult to spot using ground-based telescopes. Because of its lofty location, it is not limited by the day-night cycle and can operate 24/7.

Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2021
Date Published: Oct. 16, 2018
Organization: Canadian Space Agency
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Keywords:  NEOSSAT, Surveillance Satellite, asteroids, comets
3D topographic representation of the territory in the form of a point cloud. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology allows the terrestrial surface to be represented topographically in three dimensions thanks to a laser system mounted on board an aircraft. The very large number of 3D points recorded (up to 400,000 per second) allows a multitude of details to be obtained at ground level and surface elements. LiDAR technology quickly, easily and most importantly accurately provides the elevation of ground details and features above the ground, even in dense vegetation. The uses are: creation of a digital terrain model (DTM), creation of contour lines, volume calculation, planning, calculation of tree height, mapping of building roofs, 3D modeling of cities, etc. Source: XEOS Imagerie Inc.**This third party metadata element was translated using an automated translation tool (Amazon Translate).**
Last Updated: Mar. 30, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 21, 2016
Organization: Government and Municipalities of Québec
Keywords:  3D, Aerial, Lidar, Government information

The AZMP has the aim of collecting and analyzing the biological, chemical, and physical field data that are necessary to (1) characterize and understand the causes of oceanic variability at the seasonal, inter-annual, and decadal scales, (2) provide multidisciplinary data sets that can be used to establish relationships among the biological, chemical, and physical variables, and (3) provide adequate data to support the sound development of ocean activities. AZMP involves the Gulf, Québec, Maritimes, and Newfoundland regions of DFO.

Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2022
Date Published: May 28, 2013
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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Keywords:  Hydrographic data, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, chlorophyll a, nutrients, Climate Indices, oceanography

This airborne or shipborne geophysical survey recorded the following parameters: Total Field Magnetic. The flight line spacing is 1609 m. The survey was flown between 1975-11-01 and 1978-02-28. The data were Digitized from contour maps. Platform: Fixed-wing.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1979
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  earth sciences, geophysics, magnetic surveys, magnetic surveys, airborne, total field magnetics

Canadian Heritage is committed to sharing its internal research products as a commitment to open research, one of the pillars of its Open Government Strategy. The data was extracted by Statistics Canada and modified by Canadian Heritage.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Sep. 1, 2014
Organization: Canadian Heritage
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Keywords:  Immigrant Status, Period of Immigration, Population Aged 15 Years and Over, Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas, 2011 National Household Survey

Citation information for peer reviewed scientific and technical articles published in 2012 and authored or co-authored by National Research Council scientists and researchers.

Last Updated: Jan. 13, 2022
Date Published: Oct. 20, 2016
Organization: National Research Council Canada
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Keywords:  publications, citations, NRC, science, technology

Letter stating intention to enforce legislation related to vaping advertising aimed at youth and reporting businesses not in compliance.

Last Updated: Mar. 25, 2021
Date Published: Dec. 19, 2019
Organization: Health Canada
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Keywords:  vaping, letter to vaping product manufacturers, importers, marketing, promotions, advertising, young, addiction, severe pulmonary illness
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