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The Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act (WAHVA) public record fulfills obligations set out under section 107 of the Act, which requires the Minister of Transport to maintain and disclose a public record of all notices of violation and notices of default issued under the Act. The public record publishes the nature of the violation committed under the WAHVA, the name of the person or vessel that committed it, and the corresponding penalty amount. The record is online as of August 1st, 2019 and includes data only when violations are found under the WAHVA.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Aug. 1, 2019
Organization: Transport Canada
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Keywords:  Public Record, Wrecked Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act (WAHVA), Section 107, Vessel of Concern (VoC), Vessel, Wreck, Abandoned, Hazard, Dilapidated

Companies regulated under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CERA).
Consists of Group 1 and Group 2 Companies.

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
Date Published: Nov. 5, 2020
Organization: Canada Energy Regulator
Formats: CSV
Keywords:  CER, Regulated Company, Accountable Officer

Selected credit estimates including loans and debt securities and other financial instruments by creditor (lender) and debtor (borrower) sectors, seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted.

Last Updated: Jun. 20, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 17, 2022
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  economic accounts, financial flows and national balance sheet accounts, household and family assets debts and wealth, household and family debt, income pensions spending and wealth, national accounts and gross domestic product, table

Companies or organizations who take over 50,000 litres of water/day from a lake, river, stream or groundwater source, must obtain a Permit to Take Water from the Ministry of the Environment -with a few exceptions. Permit holders are legally required to record how much water they take each day. Data includes: * purpose * location * water source (e.g., ground or surface) * maximum amount allowed per day * permit number * expiry date of the permit Permitted water-taking map Create a map for a water-taking application

Last Updated: Mar. 29, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 11, 2020
Organization: Government of Ontario
Keywords:  Economy and Business, Environment and Natural Resources, Environment and energy, Government information

The Pardon and Record Suspension Outcomes dataset provides information on the number of decisions regarding Pardon and Record Suspension applications taken by the PBC for a given period. Items found in this dataset include, among others, request type, method of trial (summary or indictable), offence type qualifier, outcome, province of applicant residence, month and fiscal year of outcome.

The data extracted from the Pardon and Record Suspension System (PARSS) reflects the decisions taken within the selected fiscal year. Due to processing times, these applications may not necessarily have been received during the selected fiscal year.

Last Updated: Jul. 15, 2019
Date Published: Sep. 25, 2018
Organization: Parole Board of Canada
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Keywords:  Parole Board of Canada, PBC, Pardon, Record Suspension, Pardon Granted, Pardon Denied, Pardon Issued, Record Suspension Ordered, Record Suspension Refused

The Toxics Reduction Act requires the ministry to consult with experts and the public at least once every five years about possible changes to the lists of substances that are prescribed as toxic substances. The Living List Framework describes the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's approach to reviewing and updating the list of toxic substances prescribed under the Toxics Reduction Act. Anyone may nominate a change to this list. This is the current status of nominations for all substances nominated to be added, deleted or removed from the list of prescribed toxic substances.

Last Updated: Dec. 17, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 11, 2020
Organization: Government of Ontario
Keywords:  Environment and Natural Resources, Government

Approval of a disability pension or award application requires the establishment of a relationship between the claimed disability or injury and service. Service and health records (SHR) that are held at the Department of National Defence (DND), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), or at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) are the primary means to establish this relationship.

The digitization of SHRs was implemented to improve internal processes and expedite service to Veterans seeking disability benefits.

The objective of the audit was to assess the management control framework, determine compliance with applicable policies and processes, and assess turnaround times and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Last Updated: Feb. 24, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 7, 2017
Organization: Veterans Affairs Canada
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Keywords:  Veterans Affairs Canada, VAC, Internal Auditing, Evaluation, Digitization, Service and Health Records, Veterans

Water well records contain details of the location, construction, and groundwater level of wells drilled on Prince Edward Island.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Oct. 17, 2019
Organization: Government of Prince Edward Island
Keywords:  well, well report, Government information

Formerly known as the Nova Scotia Sportfish Registry, this dataset is a list of the current record holders for several popular Nova Scotia sportfish. There are both youth and adult, catch and release and catch and keep and smallmouth bass tournament categories.

Last Updated: Apr. 22, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 5, 2019
Organization: Government of Nova Scotia
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Keywords:  fishing records, record fish, angler records, fish, sportfish, summer, Government information

Survey records are the legal survey documents (plans, field notes, reports, diaries) that reflect the work done on the ground. The Canada Lands Survey Records provide a mechanism to ensure safekeeping of and access to legal survey documents for Canada Lands.

Last Updated: May 18, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 2, 2009
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  Canada, Canada Lands, Parcel, Survey, Settlement areas, Indian reserves, Indian lands, Settlements, Aboriginal communities
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