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The total value of procurement contracts entered into by the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Last Updated: Dec. 7, 2022
Date Published: May 28, 2018
Organization: Government of Prince Edward Island
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Keywords:  contracts, procurement, tenders

This dataset includes the results of the pilot activity that Public Services and Procurement Canada undertook as part of Canada’s 2018-2020 National Action Plan on Open Government. The purpose is to demonstrate the usage and implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS). OCDS is an international data standard that is used to standardize how contracting data and documents can be published in an accessible, structured, and repeatable way. OCDS uses a standard language for contracting data that can be understood by all users.

Last Updated: Jan. 19, 2022
Date Published: Dec. 20, 2021
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Keywords:  open contracting, procurement, tender, award, contract, spend, data standard

Contract History is information about contracts awarded by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) since January 2009, on behalf of federal departments and agencies. The Contract History CSV files are updated monthly, and are organized by fiscal year. A complete Contract History file, containing contracts from 2009 to today is also available for download on this page. Visit the "About Contract History" page to learn more:

Last Updated: Nov. 23, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 8, 2013
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
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Keywords:  contracts, tenders, GETS, notices, supplier, standing offers, supply arrangements, vendor, GSIN

Per capita and per service unit costs for providing curbside collection, St Marys data skewed by contract structure (includes cost to transport to landfill/recycling)

Last Updated: May 3, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 9, 2018
Organization: Government of Nova Scotia
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Keywords:  curbside collection, solid waste, municipal

The Government of Canada uses Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) codes to identify generic product descriptions for its procurement activities. On, GSIN codes connect all of the procurement information, including Tender Notices, Award Notices, Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements, and Contract History. The GSIN CSV file published on this page is updated on an “as needed” frequency, when codes are either created or deactivated on Visit the "About GSIN Codes" page to learn more:

Last Updated: Sep. 15, 2022
Date Published: Feb. 14, 2014
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
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Keywords:  Goods and Services Identification Number, GSIN, code, goods, services, construction, services related to goods, classification, procurement

Includes information on Government of Yukon contracts starting from April 1, 2007 to present. Includes access link to Government of Yukon tender management system. Yukon tender management system allows businesses to access tender documents, receive notifications of procurement opportunities from the Government of Yukon, and access Government of Yukon tender forecasts.

Last Updated: Dec. 15, 2021
Date Published: Jun. 17, 2019
Organization: Government of Yukon
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Keywords:  contract registry, tenders, business, contracts

This Standard reflects SSC’s Organizational Code and is framed by the Financial Administration Act and the Federal Accountability Act. It consolidates the federal government’s measures on conflict of interest and anti-corruption as well as other legislative and policy requirements pertaining specifically to procurement.

Last Updated: Dec. 30, 2020
Date Published: Jan. 18, 2017
Organization: Shared Services Canada
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Keywords:  Standard, Ethical Behaviour, Procurement, Contracts and Contracting

Quarterly Usage Reports (QURs) provided to Public Service and Procurement Canada by suppliers on a quarterly basis, compiling and maintaining records on the provision of services to the federal government under contracts resulting from Standing Offers and/or Supply Arrangements.

Note: Blanks fields indicate that the supplier submitted a NIL report due to contracts not being issued to them under the identified method of supply during the specified reporting period.

Last Updated: Nov. 4, 2022
Date Published: Dec. 10, 2021
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Keywords:  Suppliers, issuance, agreement, value, quarterly usage reports, arrangements, contracts, supply

On March 23, 2004, the Government announced a new policy on the mandatory publication of contracts over $10,000. At the time, certain types of contracts were excluded from the proactive disclosure requirements, chief among these being contracts for legal services. TBS has revised the Treasury Board Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts to remove the exemption for contracts for legal services. Under the current guidelines, the only contracts exempted from proactive disclosure obligations are those where disclosure of information would compromise criminal investigations, national security, negotiations or public safety.

Last Updated: Aug. 26, 2019
Date Published: Feb. 19, 2019
Organization: Department of Justice Canada
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Keywords:  Proactive disclosure, Contracts, Legal contracts, Expenditures, Quarterly financial reports

This indicator measures the efficiency of the system we have in place to ensure the Government does business with ethical suppliers. The verification in the database allows the Government of Canada to make sure a supplier is not ineligible before awarding a contract and doing so quickly allows Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to effectively support the operations of government.

Last Updated: Dec. 2, 2022
Date Published: Feb. 2, 2022
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Keywords:  integrity verification, service standard, Departmental Results Report, DRR, Departmental Results Framework, DRF
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