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An executor, administrator, or trustee may, at any time, and must, after five years of receiving assets of an estate or trust, if the heir-at-law or beneficiary cannot be located for the purposes of distribution of the assets of the estate or trust, apply for an order authorizing the transfer of the assets to the Public Trustee. These assets received by the Public Trustee, pursuant to the direction of the court, are converted into cash and paid to the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board. Unclaimed Estate or Trust Funds paid to the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board are then held until the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board is ordered by a court and authorized by the Governor in Council to release the funds to the rightful heir or beneficiary. There are time limitations outlined in the Public Trustee Act for the release of funds.

Last Updated: May 6, 2022
Date Published: Nov. 15, 2018
Organization: Government of Nova Scotia
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Keywords:  unclaimed estate, trust funds database

This document describes the Canadian Grain Commission’s plan to complete activities and deliverables aligned to the requirements of the Directive on Open Government, in order to achieve full compliance by the October 2019 implementation deadline.

Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2022
Date Published: Nov. 17, 2015
Organization: Canadian Grain Commission
Keywords:  OGIP, Directive on Open Government

The Staffing Audit Tool is a Microsoft Access database application designed and developed by the staff of the Public Service Commission’s audit function. The database application was used to manage and analyze data from the compliance assessment of appointment records. The information was collected between 2013 and 2016.

Last Updated: Feb. 9, 2021
Date Published: Apr. 18, 2019
Organization: Public Service Commission of Canada
Keywords:  PSC, Public Service Commission, Staffing Audit Tool, Audit, compliance assessment, appointment records, Staffing, Stafing Audit, Appointment

This report, which is tabled under section 20 of the Service Fees Act and section 4.2.8 of the Directive on Charging and Special Financial Authorities, contains information about the fees that the National Battlefields Commission had the authority to charge in the 2018 to 2019 fiscal year.

This report contains information about all fees that are under the National Battlefields Commission’s authority, even if some or all of the fees are collected by another department.

Last Updated: Jan. 14, 2020
Date Published: Dec. 16, 2019
Organization: The National Battlefields Commission
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Keywords:  Fees Report

At the end of each fiscal year, government-wide financial information is published in the Public Accounts. This dataset presents the total travel and living costs paid to each commission's member.

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 7, 2019
Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Keywords:  Receiver General, Government of Canada, Public Accounts, Volume III, commission, travel, living expense

The mosaic of the AAFC colour orthophotos is a mosaic dataset of the commissioned georeferenced color digital orthophotos commissioned by Agriculture and Agri-Food Cananda. The imagery was delivered in GeoTIF and ECW formats.

Last Updated: Jul. 27, 2021
Date Published: Jun. 6, 2019
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Keywords:  Agriculture, Hydrology

Individuals with wages, salaries and commissions; Tax filers aged 15 years and over with wages, salaries and commissions by sex and age (preliminary T1 Family File; T1FF).

Last Updated: Aug. 1, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 17, 2022
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  earnings by age or sex, earnings wages and non-wage benefits, household family and personal income, income pensions spending and wealth, labour, municipal and local data, sources of income, table

Get data on travel expenses for Niagara Escarpment Commissioners and the Commission Chair This dataset shows detailed quarterly travel expenses for 17 Niagara Escarpment Commissioners and the Niagara Escarpment Commission Chair.

Last Updated: Jul. 21, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 19, 2020
Organization: Government of Ontario
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Keywords:  Economy and Business, Environment and Natural Resources, Government and Finance, Environment and energy

This 2022–23 Departmental Plan provides parliamentarians and Canadians with an overview of the Commission's objectives, planned activities and expected results during the reporting period, as well as the financial and human resources forecast to deliver those results.

Last Updated: Mar. 7, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 7, 2022
Organization: Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
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Keywords:  Departmental Plan, Civilian Review and Complaints Commission

The data reported reflect seeded area insured by provincial crop insurance programs for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Classification of varieties according to their class is based on Canadian Grain Commission's list of designated varieties.

Last Updated: Jun. 26, 2022
Date Published: Nov. 17, 2016
Organization: Canadian Grain Commission
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Keywords:  cgc, wheat, varieties, class, planted, seeded, acres, prairie provinces, canada"
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