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On July 23rd Open Data consolidated 59,515 Canada Lands Survey records from Natural Resources Canada's Survey Plan Search Service into one dataset. For more information, see our blog. For questions or concerns, please contact us.

Found 1111 records


This dataset contains a list of infrastructure projects across Canada that have been approved by Infrastructure Canada. The project information listed is based on current information.

Last Updated: Jul. 27, 2021
Date Published: Mar. 14, 2016
Organization: Infrastructure Canada
Keywords:  Infrastructure, projects, funding, federal contribution

The e-binder contains short summaries of thematic issues, trends and challenges facing Library and Archives Canada (LAC) for the new Librarian and Archivist of Canada. The e-binder also includes links to summary organizational charts for each LAC sector.

Last Updated: Jan. 6, 2020
Date Published: Dec. 27, 2019
Organization: Library and Archives Canada
Formats: HTML
Keywords:  access, access to information and privacy (ATIP), acquisition, archives, Aurora, class action lawsuits, conservation, digitization, documentary heritage

This is a linear disturbance dataset for the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills region of Alberta. This dataset was created to support spatial analyses of linear disturbances in the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills region for the Alberta Environment and Parks report entitled "Linear Disturbances in the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills of Alberta: Review of Potential Ecological Responses" which can be found at All linear disturbances are grouped into five categories using attribution from input data sources. These include: paved roads; gravel roads; unimproved roads, unclassified roads, and truck trails; pipelines and powerlines; and cutlines and trails.

Last Updated: Dec. 9, 2020
Date Published: Jun. 18, 2018
Organization: Government of Alberta
Formats: SHP HTML
Keywords:  Livingstone-Porcupine Hills region, Livingstone public land use zone, Porcupine Hills public land use zone, transportation, linear disturbance, roads, trails, access, Downloadable Data

Monthly performance indicators draw from a variety of data sources to provide information on how Canada's transportation system is performing. The indicators measure transportation system utilization and performance. Data are available from January 2017.

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2021
Date Published: Jul. 7, 2021
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  air transportation, other content related to air transportation, other content related to road transportation, rail transportation, road transportation, table, transportation

Monthly itinerant movements by aircraft weight group, broken down by maximum take-off weight categories ranging from under 2,000 kgs to over 136,000 kgs, and by type of power plant (jet, turbo-propellers, piston, helicopters and gliders) for airports without air traffic control towers.

Last Updated: Jun. 18, 2021
Date Published: Dec. 3, 2020
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  air transportation, aircraft movements, table, transportation
Geolocation of bicycle poles on the territory of the City of Montreal
Last Updated: Feb. 1, 2021
Date Published: Oct. 5, 2013
Organization: Government and Municipalities of Québec
Formats: CSV HTML
Keywords:  Hoop, HackQC20, Bike

The Road Network File is a digital representation of Canada's road network, containing information such as street names, types, directions and address ranges.

Last Updated: Nov. 18, 2016
Date Published: Apr. 29, 2010
Organization: Statistics Canada
Formats: SHP other HTML GML
Keywords:  highways, road network, street network, streets

This series of cartographic quality printed 1:50 000 scale monochrome maps cover the provincial extent of Alberta comprised of 764 maps that are individually named using the National Topographic System (NTS) map sheet identifier. These maps display the Alberta Township System (ATS), hydrographic features, municipalities, roads, cutlines, facilities, pipelines, powerlines, railways, select geo-administrative features (parks, reserves, etc.). All maps contained within a 1:250 000 block (generally up to 16 map sheets) will be included in the NTS Block download.This series is not updated on a regular basis and may contain a range of publication dates.

Last Updated: Dec. 10, 2020
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2007
Organization: Government of Alberta
Formats: HTML ZIP
Keywords:  Alberta, Canada, 1:50 000 scale maps, National Topographic System, Powerlines, imageryBaseMapsEarthCover, Provincial Base Map, Railways, Provincial Resource Access Map Series

The International Map of the World (IMW) series provided uniform coverage of the World at the scale of 1:1,000,000 according to United Nations specifications.

Last Updated: Jan. 26, 2017
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1979
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: PDF JPG
Keywords:  administrative, locations, political, rural communities, rural environment, urban communities, urban environment

Collision with power line, Privately registered, Harmon Rocket II, C-FZXS, Hugget/Goodwood Field Aerodrome, Alberta, 26 September 2020

Last Updated: Mar. 4, 2021
Date Published: Mar. 3, 2021
Organization: Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Formats: HTML
Keywords:  safety investigation report
Date modified: