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This table provides the current expenditure forecast for each statutory authority within a department or agency, for which a financial requirement has been identified.

Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 3, 2011
Organization: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
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Keywords:  Statutory forecasts, Statutory forecasts 2011-12 Main Estimates, Statutory Forecasts - Budgetary Expenditures, Statutory Forecasts - Non-Budgetary Authorities

This feature dataset focuses on a terrestrial species at risk, the Forked Three-awned Grass (Aristida basiramea), under the responsibility of Environment and Climate Change Canada.It displays the geographic areas in Quebec where critical habitat has been designated under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). However, not all of the area within these boundaries is necessarily critical habitat. To precisely define what constitutes critical habitat for a particular species, it is essential that this geospatial information be considered in conjunction with complementary information provided in a species’ recovery document (recovery program or action plan). These documents can be downloaded from the Species at Risk Public Registry (

Last Updated: Sep. 25, 2020
Date Published: Feb. 1, 2007
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
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Keywords:  Critical habitat, Species at risk, Forked Three-awned Grass, Aristida basiramea, Quebec region, Flora

The National Air Photo Library (NAPL) of Natural Resources Canada archives over 6 million aerial photographs covering all of Canada, some of which date back to the 1920s. This collection includes Time Series of aerial orthophoto mosaics over a selection of major cities or targeted areas that allows to observe various changes that occurs overtime in those selected regions. These mosaics are disseminated through the Data Cube Platform implemented by NRCan using geospatial big data management technologies. These technologies enable the rapid and efficient visualization of high-resolution geospatial data and allow for the rapid generation of dynamically derived products.

Last Updated: Apr. 14, 2022
Date Published: Mar. 31, 2021
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Keywords:  Mosaic, Remote sensing, Aerial photography, Access to information

This data provides the integrated cadastral framework for the specified Canada Land. The cadastral framework consists of active and superseded cadastral parcel, roads, easements, administrative areas, active lines, points and annotations. The cadastral lines form the boundaries of the parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

Last Updated: Sep. 25, 2020
Date Published: Apr. 9, 2015
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: SHP other
Keywords:  boundaries, canada lands, indian lands, indian reserves, land management, parcel, survey

Data collected from the Mussel Monitoring Program. Information includes date collected, year, month, water temperature, mussel larvae concentration, mussel larvae minimum size, mussel larvae maximum size, mussel larvae pre set size (%), mussel larvae set size (%), Pseudo nitzschia cells), tunicate larvae - Ciona, tunicate larvae - Styela, Tunicate Larvae – Botryllus, Tunicate Larvae – Botrylloides.

Last Updated: Mar. 29, 2022
Date Published: May 28, 2018
Organization: Government of Prince Edward Island
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Keywords:  aquaculture, mussel, monitoring, Government information

This airborne or shipborne geophysical survey recorded the following parameters: Total Field Magnetic, Radiometric. The flight line spacing is 150 m for a total of 899 kilometres. The survey was flown between 2004-10-16 and 2004-10-30. The data were Digitally acquired.

Last Updated: Sep. 25, 2020
Date Published: Jul. 1, 2006
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  earth sciences, gamma-ray spectrometers, gamma-ray surveys, airborne, geophysics, magnetic surveys, magnetic surveys, airborne, potassium

Includes regional and ministry-wide assessments of emergencies at the Ministry of the Attorney General. Emergencies include commercial power failure, severe weather, civil protest and others.

Last Updated: Dec. 17, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 11, 2020
Organization: Government of Ontario
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Keywords:  Justice and Public Safety, Law and safety

Average gross sales made over the Internet and average percentage of total gross sales made over the Internet by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and size of enterprise.

Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 6, 2021
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  digital economy and society, digital technology and internet use, digital technology and internet use by businesses and governments, e-commerce, table

List of entities that sell or lease internet services provided by a Canadian Carrier to the Reseller on a wholesale basis.

Last Updated: Sep. 25, 2020
Date Published: Sep. 29, 2016
Organization: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
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Keywords:  CRTC, Telecommunications service providers, Registration list, Resellers of high speed retail internet services, Telecommunications, Telephones, Communications industry, Businesses, Suppliers

Abstract not available.

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2021
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1988
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
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Keywords:  earth sciences, geophysical surveys, geophysics, magnetic surveys, total field magnetics
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