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This table provides the current expenditure forecast for each statutory authority within a department or agency, for which a financial requirement has been identified.

Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2022
Date Published: Jun. 3, 2011
Organization: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Formats: CSV
Keywords:  Statutory forecasts, Statutory forecasts 2011-12 Main Estimates, Statutory Forecasts - Budgetary Expenditures, Statutory Forecasts - Non-Budgetary Authorities

This GIS dataset covers the four types of decontamination zones for whirling disease in Alberta, and identifies the inherent risk categories for each. These boundaries are to be used by Government of Alberta field staff and industry, as described in the Alberta Decontamination Protocol for Watercraft & Equipment. (1) Confirmed Red Zones are zones with CFIA confirmed positive testing for whirling disease and are based on a 'HUC 10' level as found in the Hydrologic Unit Coded Watersheds of Alberta dataset. Irrigation Red Zones are similar to confirmed red zones, however are based on Irrigation District boundaries and only apply to irrigation canals.

Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
Date Published: Aug. 1, 2017
Organization: Government of Alberta
Keywords:  alberta, aquatic, biota, bow river, canada, decontamination, downloadable data, environment, fish

Proportion of students, aged 15 to 29, who were also working, by age group and type of institution attended, Canada and provinces. This table is included in Section E: Transitions and outcomes: Transitions to the labour market of the Pan Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP). PCEIP draws from a wide variety of data sources to provide information on the school-age population, elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, transitions, and labour market outcomes. The program presents indicators for all of Canada, the provinces, the territories, as well as selected international comparisons and comparisons over time.

Last Updated: Nov. 1, 2021
Date Published: Nov. 1, 2021
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  children and youth, education indicators, education training and learning, employment and unemployment, labour, labour market activities for youth, other education indicators, table, youth and young adults in the labour market

The Canada Communicable Disease Report (CCDR) is a bilingual, peer-reviewed, open-access, online scientific journal published by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). It provides timely, authoritative and practical information on infectious diseases to clinicians, public health professionals, and policy-makers to inform policy, program development and practice.

Last Updated: Dec. 6, 2018
Date Published: Oct. 4, 2018
Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada
Formats: PDF HTML
Keywords:  lyme disease, Ixodes scapularis, tick, infection, tuberculosis, Nunavik, Salmonella, climate driven infectious diseases

Contained within the Atlas of Canada's Reference Map Series, 1961 to 2010, is a map showing the extent of Indian and Inuit Communities in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory. Indian Reserves are shown as being either inhabited or uninhabited (based on 1980 data), and are further classed by size: those under 809 hectares (2000 acres) are shown by a symbol, whereas larger ones have their boundaries shown (with data as of 1983). Occasionally, one symbol represents many nearby reserve; however, all reserves are named. The base map reflects 1973 data.

Last Updated: Mar. 14, 2022
Date Published: Jan. 1, 1984
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: PDF JPG
Keywords:  aboriginal peoples, boundaries, indians, inuit, lakes, rivers

This guidance document applies to sponsors intending to make changes to new drugs that have received a NOC pursuant to section C.08.004 of the Food and Drug Regulations. These new drugs may include pharmaceuticals, biologics, and radiopharmaceuticals for human use and pharmaceutical and certain biotechnological products for veterinary use, including those submissions for which a NOC has been recommended but issuance of the NOC has been placed on hold.

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2021
Date Published: Aug. 12, 2018
Organization: Health Canada
Formats: HTML
Keywords:  Post-notice of compliance, NOC changes, safety and efficacy document, changes to new drugs, section C.08.004 of the Food and Drug Regulations, pharmaceuticals, biologics, radiopharmaceuticals, human use

This data provides the integrated cadastral framework for the specified Canada Land. The cadastral framework consists of active and superseded cadastral parcel, roads, easements, administrative areas, active lines, points and annotations. The cadastral lines form the boundaries of the parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

Last Updated: Jan. 30, 2017
Date Published: Apr. 24, 2015
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Formats: SHP other
Keywords:  boundaries, canada lands, indian lands, indian reserves, land management, parcel, survey

This web mapping service provides spatial reference context with an emphasis on transportation networks. It is designed especially for use as a background map in a web mapping application or geographic information system (GIS).
The CBMT is available as a dynamic service(WMS) or a tiled service (ESRI REST and WMTS).

Last Updated: May 1, 2018
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2016
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Keywords:  Canada, Earth Sciences, Transport, Transportation networks, Railway networks, Rail transport, Location map, Geomatics
List and geolocation of the establishments of the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts of Quebec.**This third party metadata element was translated using an automated translation tool (Amazon Translate).**
Last Updated: Mar. 29, 2022
Date Published: Sep. 28, 2016
Organization: Government and Municipalities of Québec
Keywords:  Drama, Conservatory, Culture, Music, Government information

Number of operators per farm by marital status and level of educational attainment from the Socioeconomic overview of the farm population.

Last Updated: Oct. 28, 2021
Date Published: Nov. 27, 2013
Organization: Statistics Canada
Keywords:  agriculture and food, farm population, sex, table
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