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Courts and Tribunals
Department of Justice Canada
Votes: 298
If we review the annual reports of many courts and tribunals, they do provide basic data such as: number of claims, success rates by party, etc. Such tribunals should also be required to report on wait times and costs and cost awards. Monetary awards would also be helpful for anyone attempting to analyze such data.
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: Apr 5, 2017
The diagram of age distribution of deceased people daily or weekly, since January 2022. All I can find now are totals since the beginning of the pandemic
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: May 13, 2022
On the main COVID-19 update page, the Current Situation map shows data for cases, deaths, and tests. Hospitalizations (count and rate/100k) are a much more useful metric. Please include this data as a drop-down option on the Current Situation map, and add it to the covid-19-download dataset.
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: Aug 30, 2021
Votes: 0
See for functionality, ease of use and consistency. High quality, up to date, and feature rich solution covering their whole country. We should have the same for ours.
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: Oct 14, 2020
This dataset would expand on the existing “Study permit holders by Province/Territory and Citizenship, as of December 31st” dataset by further separating students by level of study. At a minimum, the level of study would have 2 categories: “Primary & Secondary” (i.e. K-12) and “Post-Secondary Studies” (i.e. CEGEP, college, university, institute and ESL/FSL). Ideally the level of study would be separated into more categories such as: “Primary & Secondary”, “CEGEP”, “College”, “University” and “ESL/FSL” or even all of the levels of study listed on the study permit application. With 3 distinct sectors (K-12, PSE, Languages) active in recruiting international students to Canada, a more detailed breakdown of international students would assist in recruitment and marketing efforts, such as more targeted approaches, for each of the respective sectors.
Data owner is evaluating the request
Date Requested: Apr 5, 2017
Crude Oil Imports and Export by Vessel
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Votes: 233
Monthly volumes/weight that is imported and exported by ship/maritime transport. Similar to that already provided for Rail (
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: Oct 2, 2017
Water quality data of past 10 years
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Votes: 230
Water quality data of the main rivers during the past 10 years
Dataset published
Date Requested: Oct 2, 2017
Date Released: May 2, 2016
Contain data collected during the years 2018-2019 concerning Canadian cider consumption by province, cider sales, who are the buyers of cider in Quebec and Ontario.
Dataset published
Date Requested: Oct 7, 2020
Primary and Secondary schools
Employment and Social Development Canada
Votes: 370
A comprehensive list of primary and secondary schools in Canada from all provinces containing names of each school, the postal code, province, city, and if possible the latitude/longitude.
Request sent to data owner – awaiting response
Date Requested: Dec 22, 2016
I would like to see a breakdown of the COVID 19 emergency loan program. This dataset should be a CSV with the following columns: loan date, loan amount, originating country&state/province/region, returning province, returning postal code forward sortation area, loan repaid (Y/N) this data should be updated monthly atleast until all loans have reached the 180 day deadline for repayment.
Dataset published
Date Requested: Oct 6, 2020
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