Refundable Tax Credits

Canada Revenue Agency
At present, the CRA publishes various "Non-Refundable Tax Credits" series for both Federal and Provincial Taxes. Ideally, this would be for the same or similar datasets for Refundable Tax Credits to have a similar facing set (as opposed to the more nuanced GST / HST sets) and to grasp the other, varied, individual refundable tax credits for tax comparison purposes as viable. This would ideally be also expanded on from simply just the "commonly claimed" to "all claimed" to help understand some of the more infrequently used tax credits, even if the actual frequency of these being used may mean statistical comparisons are somewhat less useful
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Jun 20, 2019
Status Updates
Status Updates
Mar 8, 2019Data owner is evaluating the request

Thank you for your interest in the data on the Open Data Portal. We value your recommendation pertaining to refundable tax credits, and will consider it as a potential future publication. At the moment we offer these CRA Publications related to refundable tax credits:
• Goods and Services tax/Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit (
• Working Income Tax Benefit (

Furthermore, you can access the following link and explore the different credits offered by the provinces and territories.

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