Annual Permanent residents admitted by Education( 4 digit CIP) and 4 digit NOC, 15 yrs+-timeseries 1991-present

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Interested in an ivt or excel table that shows: annual permanent residents by 4 digit CIP (education level); also one with 4 digit intended NOC; time series annual data, 1991- present updated annually; admission category; 15 years plus; province of destination
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Nov 25, 2020
Status Updates
Status Updates
Apr 8, 2021Dataset published

The requested dataset (Canada - Admissions of Permanent Residents by Province/Territory of Intended Destination, Intended Occupation (NOC4) and Landing Year, 1991-2020) has been posted on the Government of Canada’s Open Data site at this location:

Dec 10, 2020Data owner is working on releasing the dataset

One of IRCC’s data reporting groups has begun work on the production of the dataset.

Dec 9, 2020Data owner is evaluating the request

IRCC is currently reviewing this request.

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