Public Service Groups and Levels Equivalency

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
An equivalency table which describes, for example, what AS level is the equivalent of an EC-03, in a machine-readable CSV format and frequently updated. Please refer to this table as an example: For example, if the AS union signs an agreement before the CS union signs an agreement, and that affects what would constitute a non-promotional appointment, then the dataset needs to be updated.
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Feb 11, 2021
Status Updates
Status Updates
Feb 23, 2021Dataset not held

There are no classification "equivalents" only salary equivalents.

This is because in classification, each occupational group is purposely designed as being distinct from one another, hence inclusion and exclusion statements associated with occupational group definitions.

One of the problems of creating an equivalency table is that those equivalencies would have to be re-established every time a term or condition of employment is changed.

This 2012 table is outdated and does not reflect current salaries. It is misleading.

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