heat map of covid growth and timeseries growth

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shouldn't you have a hot topics section on the open maps home page? such as covid 19 so people don't have to go endlessly looking for stuff. There is no real thematic or AOI search features with this map, why not? search capability is important - to search for stuff via time, space, theme... sometimes the simple search ends up having too much stuff. And, what if a result requires a further refined search, then what? and, why are there no hot spot maps of the covid 19 with 20km radius hot spots outlined so people know where this thing is growing potentially then take necessary precautions based on risk and probability. We can't shut down the whole country again, we'll go bankrupt if that occurs again!!! thus this is a risk and probability exercise, a good heat map is required with 10-20km hot spots as not to disclose exact location. Some cities have been using postal codes and listing the cases in postal codes, which may be sufficient? give people info so they can access the risks and probabilities in an area of interest. Better search mechanism is required, this site displays too much info... need better filters. And, what about time series as well - so one can easily view space and time over a period of interest.
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Oct 21, 2020
Status Updates
Status Updates
Feb 19, 2021Data owner is working on releasing the dataset

Currently being worked on.

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