Study permit holders by Province/Territory, Citizenship and Level of Study, as of December 31st

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
This dataset would expand on the existing “Study permit holders by Province/Territory and Citizenship, as of December 31st” dataset by further separating students by level of study. At a minimum, the level of study would have 2 categories: “Primary & Secondary” (i.e. K-12) and “Post-Secondary Studies” (i.e. CEGEP, college, university, institute and ESL/FSL). Ideally the level of study would be separated into more categories such as: “Primary & Secondary”, “CEGEP”, “College”, “University” and “ESL/FSL” or even all of the levels of study listed on the study permit application. With 3 distinct sectors (K-12, PSE, Languages) active in recruiting international students to Canada, a more detailed breakdown of international students would assist in recruitment and marketing efforts, such as more targeted approaches, for each of the respective sectors.
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Apr 5, 2017
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