Title of canadian acts and regulations in both official languages

Department of Justice Canada
This dataset would include the titles of all Canadian acts and regulations. One column would have the English title and the other the matching French title. It would be useful data to add to a computer-assisted translation tools.
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May 4, 2022
Status Updates
Status Updates
Jul 22, 2022Dataset published

Titles of Canadian acts and regulations in both official languages can be pulled from the Consolidated federal Acts and regulations in XML dataset that is currently available on the Open Government Portal. Some manipulation will be required to format the data into the desired columns.

In the Legis.xml file the English law information is followed by the matching French. Alternatively, the requestor can use the <UniqueId> field in Acts, and the @id and @olid in Regulations fields to match the English and French records. @olid = other language id

May 4, 2022Data owner is evaluating the request

Consulting with stakeholders within Justice Canada and TBS regarding request.

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