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An open dataset or REST API for INAC’s First Nation Profiles. The INAC First Nation Profiles are a rich source of information on Canada’s aboriginal communities and are often used as a standard reference. Currently datasets are only available on Open Data for the locations of Tribal Councils and First Nations which do not include contact details or information about population, language, or governance. An open dataset or REST service detailing First Nation communities across Canada would be a benefit for educational institutions and government and would provide opportunities for developers to create informatics to help educate and engage citizens. Currently many organizations throughout B.C. periodically and manually collect information from the INAC First Nation Profiles into reference spreadsheets. This is a huge duplication of effort and waste of time for staff to be collecting information by navigating page by page through profiles. INAC First Nation Profiles Homepage: Example Profile:
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Oct 2, 2017
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Status Updates
Nov 28, 2022Dataset published

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