Special Economic Measures Act and Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act

Department of Justice Canada
The lists of Entities and Individuals contained within the Schedules of each Regulation within the Special Economic Measures Act and/or the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act. Currently, they are provided as an HTML page, a PDF, and an XML. All three options still contain the same issues, and the Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List (found here: https://www.international.gc.ca/world-monde/international_relations-relations_internationales/sanctions/consolidated-consolide.aspx?lang=eng) is not considered a valid source for the data without referencing the source of an entry as an additional step (it is also several months behind the most recent updates/amendments). Ideally, this data should be provided in a consolidated file or API that is machine readable, such as JSON, XML, or CSV. It would also have the entries more 'data normalized', meaning that information such as dates of birth, titles (such as 'General' or 'Brigadier' from the Syria Regulations) alternative spellings, and alternative names would be displayed in separate data fields.
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Apr 22, 2020
Status Updates
Status Updates
Oct 16, 2020Dataset not held

The closest dataset held by the Department of Justice is the Consolidated federal Acts and regulations in XML on the Open Government Portal. The dataset containing the consolidated federal Acts and regulations is a representation of the actual laws. We do not have an individual dataset or related datasets for specific content within those laws. Therefore, we do not have that type of data broken down to the level requested in our XML representation of the laws.

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