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Exploring Inner Accretion Dynamics of Black Holes across the Mass Scale using ASTROSAT
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Feb 20, 2025 - Mar 31, 2025
Accretion onto black holes is the source of some of the most energetic photons observed in the Universe. The innermost region of the black hole accretion disk radiates mostly in X-rays for both stellar and supermassive mass black holes. This project will capitalize Canada’s participation in ASTROSAT by using the unparalleled simultaneous broadband X-ray data to probe the debated inner accretion dynamics of black holes across the mass range. The investigation lines up with one of Canada’s Long Range Plan main science themes (“What are the extreme conditions of the Universe?”) and with the Canadian priorities in High-Energy Astrophysics.
Canadian Space Agency
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The Research component of the program provides financial support to organizations to conduct space related research
and development in priority areas. It will support targeted knowledge development and innovation to sustain and enhance the Canadian capacity to use space to address national needs and priorities in the future.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA R3T 2N2
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University of Manitoba
Class Grant and Contribution Program to Support Research, Awareness and Learning in Space Science and Technology
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This program supports knowledge development and innovation in the CSA's priority areas while increasing the awareness and participation of Canadians in space-related disciplines and activities.

The Research Component aims to support the development of science and technology; foster the continual development of a critical mass of researchers and highly qualified people in Canada; and support information gathering and space-related studies and research pertaining to Canadian Space Agency priorities.