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Protecting Democracy in a Digital Age
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7426685 P009909001
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Jan 7, 2021 - Nov 30, 2022
The project will help to prevent the misuse of emerging technologies and internet-facilitated trends which threaten democracies and prevent the meaningful and inclusive participation of all individuals in public discourse and decision-making. The project will target: the increased use of internet shutdowns and mass communication blackouts which stifle free expression; the enactment of rights-respecting legislation and policy frameworks on content governance; and greater protections against the misuse and abuse of personal data by public and private sector interests.
Global Affairs Canada
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The project will contribute to increased commitment and accountability of governments, intergovernmental bodies, and judicial systems to ensuring the civic engagement and meaningful participation of marginalized communities, especially diverse groups of women, in democratic processes and public dialogue. Activities will also lead to increased accountability of state leaders and influential private sector actors in regulating and/or implementing content governance frameworks and to develop rights-respecting data protection and privacy frameworks.

New York, US
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Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion Programming
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The Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion Programming supports international assistance initiatives aimed at promoting and protecting democratic values, institutions and processes.