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Climate Adaptation and Protected Areas
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7448354 P011888001
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Mar 29, 2023 - Mar 31, 2026
This project promotes natural solutions to strengthen climate resilience and protect biodiversity. The project works with conservation partners, local communities, national and local authorities, and traditionally marginalized groups – particularly women. It seeks to integrate nature-based solutions into protected areas management and conservation interventions. The initiative aims to increase the resilience of ecosystems and people of all genders and social groups in selected countries to current and future climate changes. The project seeks to achieve this through three main areas of focus that include: (1) on the ground implementation of nature-based climate solutions interventions in protected areas to demonstrate their value as a means of improving community and ecosystem resilience; (2) integration of gender-responsive, conflict-sensitive and inclusive adaptation considerations, grounded in a human rights-based approach, into the management systems of protected areas; and (3) increased participation of women and marginalized groups in protected area management and decision-making. Achieving these would help meet national and global climate, land, biodiversity, and sustainable development commitments. Project activities include : (1) conducting, documenting, and disseminating research on the gender and biodiversity benefits of Nature-Based Solutions in each project site; (2) carrying out capacity- building workshops on Nature-Based Solutions design and implementation for protected areas managers, local authorities, and local civil society organizations; and (3) designing and implementing conflict-sensitive nature-based solutions for adaptation in selected protected areas.
Global Affairs Canada
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The expected outcomes of this project include: (1) enhanced adoption of Nature-Based Climate nature-based climate solutions in and around protected areas; (2) enhanced integration of adaptation by protected areas managers and practitioners in protected area management; and (3) increased participation of women and marginalized groups in the climate resilient management of protected areas.

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IISD - International Institute for Sustainable Development
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International Development Assistance Program
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The main purpose on the International Development Assistance Program is to reduce poverty for those living in countries where Global Affairs Canada engages in international development.