Amendments for: 230-2022-2023-Q2-053

Current (Dec 10, 2021)
Agreement Value: $10,500,000.00
Agreement: 511891 (511891). Apr 1, 2020 - Mar 31, 2023

Council of Canadian Academies will use the funding to continue production of world-class, independent scientific assessments to inform policy development in priority areas.

Expected Results:

Through the activities supported by the program, CCA is expected to produce independent, authoritative and evidence-based expert assessments that inform public policy development in Canada through the following results: a) Assessment sponsors have access to evidence-based information through CCA services; b) Canadians have access to evidence-based information produced by CCA; c) Attract funding from other sources; and d) Evidence-based assessments produced by CCA inform policies, programs, and regulations.

Organization: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Recipient: Council of Canadian Academies (Not-for-profit organization or charity)
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, CA K2P2K3
Type: Contribution
Additional Information:

value changed from $9,000,000 to $10,500,000 as per contract amendment, 2020/21 to 2022/23,

Recipient's Operating Name: Council of Canadian Academies
Federal Riding Name: Ottawa Centre (35075)
Program Name: Council of Canadian Academies

The objectives are:(a) To enhance Canadians' access to the best available scientific knowledge on pressing issues by providing credible, independent, expert assessments that can inform debate and decision-making; and(b) To work toward maximizing the outcomes produced from the investment of federal funds by seeking ways to improve its administrative efficiencies and to generate revenues from other non-federal sources.

NAICS Code: 813900