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Feasibility for Additive Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Ti-6Al-4V components using Miniaturized HVOF, Warm-Spray and HVAF Thermal Spraying
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Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 31, 2021
This project aims to develop and demonstrate feasibility of emerging miniaturized combustion-based HVAF spray technology for high resolution deposition of Ti-6Al-4V with near bulk properties in terms of strength and elongation to failure. This technology can provide a step-change in the restoration of engine components in the aerospace and power generation sectors. A commercial miniature HVAF system will be used to create deposits from standard spherical powders and irregular powders. The effect of processing parameters will be investigated and optimized with the goal to attain as-sprayed porosities of 1% or lower at deposition efficiencies exceeding 30%. In flight particle diagnostic tools will be used to relate spray parameters to particle temperature and velocity and ultimately the resulting buildup, delineating suitable processing windows. In a first screening, micro hardness, anticipated for the as-spayed coatings to lay in the range of 200-400 HV, will be assessed. At conditions meeting basic criteria of porosity and hardness, 8-10 mm thick deposits will be produced. Ultimately, as-sprayed and post-treated coating characteristics will be compared.
National Research Council Canada
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In the short term, anticipated outcomes will be strengthened collaborations across industry, academia, and government to support research excellence. In the medium term, anticipated outcomes will be the development of new and potentially disruptive technologies with collaborators.

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The Ideation Fund is intended to encourage, test and validate transformative research ideas generated by teams of NRC scientific personnel and external collaborators with complementary capabilities, acting as a demonstration phase for a continually-evolving suite of research and development (R&D) deliverables at the NRC. The fund supports exploratory research through two mechanisms: the New Beginnings Initiative and the Small Teams Initiative.

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