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Development and application of qualified testing in support of Clinical CAR-T Products
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Feb 20, 2024 - Mar 10, 2026
With the collaboration of research hospitals across Canada, OHRI established a multi-site cellular immunotherapy pipeline. In the Project, OHRI will build on their success in establishing clinical grade manufacturing for both lentivirus and cell products, and the execution of the first clinical trial using a made-in-Canada CD19 CAR T-cell therapy. The project includes building capacity in point-of-care (POC) manufacturing to support the clinical rollout of novel CAR T-cell products and other personalized cell therapy products. The project will both increase manufacturing capacity and allow for GMP process development. This increased capacity will be used to for academically motivated clinical trials to be started by late 2024. These trials will be completed over the next five years for the benefit of cancer patients from across Canada
National Research Council Canada
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In the short term, anticipated outcomes will be strengthened collaborations across industry, academia, and government to support research excellence. In the medium term, anticipated outcomes will be the development of new and potentially disruptive technologies with collaborators. In the long term, find collaborative solutions to public policy challenges and create stronger innovation systems.

Ottawa, Ontario, CA K1Y 4E9
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Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
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Collaborative Science, Technology and Innovation Program - Collaborative R&D Initiatives
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Collaborate on multiparty research and development programs to catalyze transformative, high-risk, high-reward research with the potential for game-changing scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs in priority areas.

541710 - R&D in the physical, engineering and life sciences