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Women in Energy Transformation: National Dialogue
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Aug 11, 2021 - May 31, 2022
The objective of the Project is to convene women in the Canadian clean energy sector to engage in a national dialogue focused on the advancement of gender equality in the Canadian clean energy sector. This aligns with NRCan's mandate to identify opportunities to support workers and businesses in the natural resource sectors, and to advance gender equality and diversity in the clean energy sector.
Natural Resources Canada
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  1. Summary report on the barriers women face. 2. Host four workshops to identify solutions addressing the barriers identified, bringing together diverse women-focused groups with different audiences (low income, leadership, energy sector, academic, financial sector, educational sector, energy industry). 3. Create summary report of proposed solutions. 4. Develop and integrate 20 stories related to women's access, involvement and leadership, within the clean energy transition. 5. Outreach effort sharing success stories of women in the energy transformation with broader public through social media exposure, as well as dissemination of solutions materials in partnership with collaborators.
CALGARY, Alberta, CA T2N 2H9
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To encourage and accelerate innovation via the dissemination of information; to maintain a sustainable and responsible development of Canada's natural resources via participation into engagement activities; to share best practices at home and abroad on clean, sustainable, efficient technologies and practices related to natural resources; and, to assist in the protection of our natural resources from pests, fire and other hazards.