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Fund Transfer from NRCan’s Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) to ISC Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI)
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Mar 28, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024
The purpose of this Interdepartmental Letter of Agreement (ILA) is to record the common understanding of the Parties regarding the administration of the usage of NRCan's CERRC-Capacity and Deployment funding to ISC's SPI to be utilized as top-up funding in the delivery of SPI's existing Regional Indigenous Clean Energy initiatives; and establish the scope of responsibilities of both ISC NHQ and NRCan.
Natural Resources Canada
Expected Results:

The expected results are to collect data as it relates to the activities delivered under this agreement, including indicators that demonstrate increase in renewable energy capacity, increase of local technical capacity to operate and maintain renewable energy projects, percentage of projects which are Indigenous led or Indigenous partnered, and GHG emissions reductions from renewable energy deployment projects.

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CA V7H 2V6
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Grants and Contributions
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Aboriginal recipient
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Clean Energy in Rural and Remote Communities Deployment Program component
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The objective is to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from Canada’s energy sector through a set of programs which will allow for cleaner and more efficient operation of grid systems and grid modernization, deployment of emerging renewable electricity projects, deployment of renewable energy projects which can provide grid services, and deployment of clean energy and energy efficiency to reduce the reliance of diesel generated heat and power in Indigenous, rural, and remote communities.