Amendments for: 088-2021-2022-Q3-00035

Current (Nov 22, 2021)
Agreement Value: $1,256,688.09
Agreement: Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) (4088554). Feb 25, 2020 - Mar 31, 2022

The purpose of this Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) contribution is to support knowledge development in the field and fast identification and removal of terrorist content online by disrupting the terrorist propaganda distribution ecosystem to limit the potential for radicalization globally.

Expected Results:

Current and emerging CRV issues are identified; CRV research and programming gaps are identified; Best practices are identified; Identified gaps/needs/priorities have applied initiatives; Partners are prepared to contribute to identified CRV issues; CRV policy and program activities are informed/supported by relevant funded initiatives.

Organization: Public Safety Canada
Recipient: QuantSpark Foundation (International (non-government))
Location: London, Other, GB EC1V 9BJ
Type: Contribution
Additional Information:

The purpose of this amendment is to increase the Public Safety Canada funding amount from $1,155,622.44 to $1,256,688.09.

Program Name: (CRF) Community Resilience Fund

The program purpose is to support the priorities of the Office by providing time-limited financial assistance to enhance and/or support countering radicalization to violence (CRV) research and programming across Canada.