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Creating an Ethical Framework for Research on Far-Right Organizing in Canada
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Apr 1, 2024 - Mar 31, 2026
The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to research and establish a framework for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network so that it may carry out studies on the far-right landscape in Canada that conform with human subject research ethics.
Public Safety Canada
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Expected outcomes of the project include: increased capacity for research on anti-democratic movements which harbour racism and other forms of identity-based hatreds; identification and establishment of best practices for researching human subjects; and, the development of a test submission following the creation of a research arm that adheres to human subject research ethics.

Toronto, Ontario, CA M5G 1Y8
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Grants and Contributions
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Not-for-profit organization or charity
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Signed in Q4 with start date in Q1 2024-25.

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Canadian Anti-Hate Network
(CRF) Community Resilience Fund
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The program purpose is to support the priorities of the Office by providing time-limited financial assistance to enhance and/or support countering radicalization to violence (CRV) research and programming across Canada.