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Grand Council Treaty #3 Policing Services Agreement 2024
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Apr 1, 2024 - Mar 31, 2025
The Treaty Three Police Service (T3PS) provides policing services to approximately 25,000 people, across 55,000 square miles of land in Northwestern Ontario and parts of Southeastern Manitoba. T3PS provides policing services for 23 of the 28 First Nation communities in the Treaty #3 territory. This agreement will provide funding for 119 officers starting April 1, 2024, including 1 Chief of Police.
Public Safety Canada
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This agreement will provide a dedicated, professional, and culturally responsive policing services for the 23 communities served by the Treaty Three Police Service.

Kenora, Ontario, CA P9N 3X7
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Aboriginal recipient
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Treaty Three Police Service Board
(FNIPP) First Nations and Inuit Policing Program
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To enhance the effectiveness of policing services in First Nation and Inuit communities in terms of cultural relevance and responsiveness to the public safety need of communities.

To support policing services to First Nation and Inuit communities that are professional, dedicated and culturally responsive to the communities they serve.