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Jam it Out: 2SLGBTI Community-Developed Tools to Stop the Rise of Anti-Gender Hate on Campus
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Mar 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024
Through this 13-month project, Egale Canada will develop community-informed solutions to key barriers and gaps facing 2SLGBTQI communities. This will be achieved by a virtual postsecondary symposium of 2SLGBTQI students, academics, intersectoral youth-led organizations and allies. This symposium will build tools informed by Egale Canada’s literature review of "gender critical" movements in Canada and refined by participants’ lived experiences. A working group will be formed to facilitate discussion at the symposium, then refine these tools and implement them in at least four universities representing four different regions across Canada. The short-term impact will be increased knowledge, tools, and resources in the hands of 2SLGBTQI post-secondary communities, tangible strategies for active resistance to anti-gender hate, and preliminary insight into the implementation of these tools. Findings will be publicly available through Egale Canada’s networks with a focus on sustaining this action. The long-term impact will be empowering 2SLGBTQI people to scale up and adapt these tools to other communities and building cross-sectoral relationships to counter the rise of anti-gender hate in Canada.
Women and Gender Equality Canada
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Partnerships and collaborations are established and/or strengthened to support the LGBTQ2 movement LGBTQ2 organizations have increased knowledge and capacity to advance equality with respect to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Toronto, Ontario, CA M5A 4K2
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Grants and Contributions
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Not-for-profit organization or charity
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Egale Canada
Equality for Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression Program
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The purpose of ESSOGIE program is to advance social, political and economic equality with respect to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Advancement towards a greater understanding of the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors that include race, national and ethnic origin, Indigenous origin or identity, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic condition, place of residence and disability are encouraged under the Program.