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Wiichihishoo Kawii Otinum La Fors Program
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Apr 1, 2024 - Mar 31, 2026
Through this 24-month project, Métis Central Western Region 2 Council Incorporated will develop and put in place the Heartbeat Trauma Release Method Therapy (HTR) with Indigenous girls, two spirit and trans youth experiencing gender-based violence to strengthen the GBV sector. The organization will work with their partners in the community and address the need to provide supports and services to Indigenous youth in Northern Saskatchewan who are at risk of perpetuating generational cycles of trauma and who struggle in their communities experiencing bullying, physical, mental, emotional abuse, and sexual exploitation. To do so, the project will include hiring and training of staff on the Heartbeat Trauma Release Method Therapy, recruitment of Indigenous participants, adapting the HTR method, offering one-on one counselling and group therapy through healing camps, collection of feedback and recommendations from participants and the external evaluator, the creation of a manual and hosting a gathering for all participants. An external evaluator will measure and assess the impact of the promising practice throughout the lifecycle of the project. Métis Central Western Region 2 Council Incorporated will share the findings with the GBV Knowledge Centre and host a large gathering and invite all participants in all four cohorts to share their experiences while also sharing information on the promising practices so that they may replicate it or expand upon it.
Women and Gender Equality Canada
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Promising practices are incorporated by the GBV sector into new or enhanced supports for target populations.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, CA S6V 7L7
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Grants and Contributions
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Aboriginal recipient
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Metis Central Western Region 2 Council Incorporated
Gender-Based Violence Program
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The purpose of the GBV Program is to strengthen the GBV sector to address gaps in supports for two groups of survivors: 1) Indigenous women and their communities, and 2) underserved populations (including women living with a disability, non-status/refugee /immigrant women, LGBTQ2S, gender non-conforming people and ethno-cultural women) in Canada. The Program provides grant and contribution funding to Canadian organizations to improve supports to help create long-term, comprehensive solutions at the national, regional, and local levels.