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The 2022–24 National Action Plan includes commitments and milestones to make the Government of Canada more open, transparent and accountable to those it serves. The government used feedback from the public to make sure that the plan reflects what matters most to the people of Canada.

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Milestone: Provide accessible, reliable, and practical climate data and information to support adaptation decision-making and help people of Canada, across all sectors and regions, build their resilience to climate change
Commitment: Climate Change and Sustainable Growth
Lead Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Deadline: By March 2023
Status: Substantial progress
Milestone: Continue protecting democracy at home and abroad and safeguarding Canada’s electoral and democracy processes by combatting foreign threats to democracy
Commitment: Democracy and Civic Space
Lead Organization: Global Affairs Canada
Deadline: By December 2022
Status: Substantial progress
Summit for Democracy
Milestone: Collect and share data, including disaggregated data
Commitment: Justice
Lead Organization: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Deadline: May 2023 and ongoing
Status: Limited progress
Milestone: Create a roadmap toward a more inclusive barrier-free Canada
Commitment: Open Data for Results
Lead Organization: Employment and Social Development Canada
Deadline: By September 2023
Status: Substantial progress
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