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C01.2.1 - Climate Change and Sustainable Growth

Climate Change and Sustainable Growth
Improve and expand information on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through the Physical Flow Accounts as part of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI)
C01.2.1 - Disseminate an infographic and datasets related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions embedded in goods and services purchased by households. Link and disseminate environmental data on energy consumption and GHG emission physical flow accounts with economic satellite accounts on tourism, clean technologies, natural resources
Lead Organization:
Statistics Canada
By June 2024
Summit for Democracy:


Substantial progress
Evidence of progress:
  • Disseminated infographic on Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Attributable to Households, through goods and services purchased. (
  • Progress made to disseminate Physical Flow Accounts (PFA) data on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with the Environmental and Clean Technology Products Economic Account (linkage of PFA with Clean Technology).
  • On track to develop PFA linkages with toursim and natural resources economic accounts.

Infographic is available publicly.
Materials related to linking with additonal economic accounts are being developed but are not available publicly.


Challenges related to data gaps and/or lack of detail are common. Resource limitations can also be a factor related to progress.

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