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The CLB is available to children born on or after January 1, 2004, who are from low-income families or getting benefits under the Children’s Special Allowance Act.

The CLB provides an initial payment of $500, and $100 for each year of eligibility up to age 15 (to a maximum of $2,000) and is retroactive. This means CLB payments can be requested for years the beneficiary was eligible, even for years before they were named in an RESP. Personal contributions are not required to receive the CLB.

The table consists of quarterly data beginning with the period ending on December 31, …

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2023
Date Published: Sep 25, 2016
Publisher: Employment and Social Development Canada
Formats: CSV TXT
Keywords: Canada Education Savings Program - CESP Registered Education Savings Plan - RESP Canada Education Savings Grant - CESG Canada Learning Bond - CLB Post-Secondary Education - PSE Contributions Beneficiaries

GCSurplus, of Public Services and Procurement Canada, sells a wide selection of Government surplus assets to the general public. This dataset identifies all the items/assets which have been sold on the website since August 21st 2015.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2023
Date Published: Sep 29, 2017
Publisher: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Formats: CSV XML
Keywords: Government of Canada Public Services and Procurement Canada Supply Operations Service Branch Compliance and Asset Management Sector Crown Assets Distribution

Dataset extracted from the federal support to provinces and territories transfer tables from 1980 to present.

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2022
Date Published: Aug 25, 2017
Publisher: Department of Finance Canada
Formats: XLS CSV
Keywords: government finances public spending government expenditures transfers provinces territories

This dataset displays the geographic areas within which critical habitat (CH) for terrestrial species at risk, listed on Schedule 1 of the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), occurs in Canada. Note that this includes only terrestrial species and species for which Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Parks Canada Agency (PCA) lead.

Under SARA, critical habitat is “the habitat that is necessary for the survival or recovery of a listed wildlife species and that is identified as the species’ critical habitat in the recovery strategy or action plan for the species.”

To precisely define what constitutes critical habitat …

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2022
Date Published: Feb 17, 2017
Publisher: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Keywords: Canada Critical Habitat Species at Risk (SAR) Species at Risk Act (SARA) Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) Biological diversity Migratory Birds Nature and Biodiversity - Habitat Protect Species Well-Being Protect and Restore Species National (CA) Canadian Wildlife Service ...

Sponge reefs are constructed by hexactinellid (glass) sponges of the Order Hexactinosida. The sponges trap fine sediments, and over centuries of sponge growth and sediment trapping, form large bioherms or reef mounds. Glass sponge reefs are unique habitats found along the Pacific coast of Canada and the United States and they have significant historic, ecological, and economic value. They link benthic and pelagic environments by playing important roles in filtration and carbon and nitrogen processing, and acting as silica sinks. They also form habitat for diverse communities of invertebrates and fish, including those of economic importance. Thus, accurate and up-to-date …

Last Updated: May 26, 2022
Date Published: May 25, 2020
Publisher: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Keywords: British Columbia Howe Sound Strait of Georgia Hecate Strait Queen Charlotte Sound Georgia Basin Queen Charlotte Basin Holocene BC Sponge reefs Reefs Sensitive benthic areas ...

The Service Inventory provides a corporate-wide perspective on information related to Government of Canada (GC) services.

A visualization of this data can be found on GC InfoBase at

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023
Date Published: Aug 3, 2018
Publisher: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Keywords: service inventory services service standards

The National Asbestos Inventory lists all buildings owned or leased by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and indicates whether or not they contain asbestos.

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2022
Date Published: Feb 6, 2020
Publisher: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Keywords: asbestos inventory health buildings

This entry provides access to surficial geology maps that have been published by the Geological survey of Canada. Two series of maps are available: "A Series" maps, published from 1909 to 2010 and "Canadian Geoscience Maps", published since 2010.

Three types of CGM-series maps are available:

1)Surficial Geology: based on expert-knowledge full air photo interpretation (may include interpretive satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Models (DEM)), incorporating field data and ground truthing resulting from extensive, systematic fieldwork across the entire map area. Air photo interpretation includes map unit/deposit genesis, texture, thickness, structure, morphology, depositional or erosional environment, ice flow or meltwater direction, …

Last Updated: May 18, 2021
Date Published: Mar 29, 2017
Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
Keywords: glacial features glacial deposits glacial landforms tills sands gravels glaciolacustrine sediments glaciofluvial sediments organic deposits alluvial sediments colluvial deposits eolian sediments ...

Areal Extent (hectares) of black-tailed prairie dog colonies in the Park monitored through colony perimeter mapping every 2 years. This is actively managed to increase prairie dog population through a combination of plague mitigation (i.e. dusting and sylvatic plague vaccine baits) and habitat enhancement/colony expansion (i.e. mowing edges, fire and grazing regimes) and upon feasibility and risk assessment, population expansion (i.e. translocations to abandoned colonies and establish new colonies on disturbed sites).

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2022
Date Published: Apr 9, 2018
Publisher: Parks Canada
Formats: CSV
Keywords: black-tailed prairie dog colony area of occurence species at risk colony dynamics Saskatchewan

The Grasslands National Park monitors the area of occurrence of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog through measuring surface area in hectares of active colonies. Monitoring provides data on the expansion or contraction of black-tailed prairie dog colonies in the park. Active colony areas outside of the park and in the greater park ecosystem (southwest Saskatchewan) are also monitored, but this data is not included.

Last Updated: Dec 5, 2020
Date Published: Apr 9, 2018
Publisher: Parks Canada
Formats: CSV
Keywords: black-tailed prairie dog colony area of occurence species at risk colony dynamics Saskatchewan
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