Suggested Dataset: Jobs posted by the Public Service Commision

Public Service Commission of Canada
Listing of job posters for internal and external to the public service including the following info: Dept, Classification, language proficiency, posted date, closing date, qualification description, # of positions, location area of selection
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Feb 7, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Jun 7, 2023 Dataset published

The Open Data Collection entitled Advertisements to the Public Service can now be viewed on the Open Government Open Data Portal.

Feb 17, 2023 Data owner is working on releasing the dataset

The PSC’s data holdings contain a dataset of public service job advertisements, including the following key information:

  • * job title;
  • * reference number;
  • * selection process number;
  • * department or agency;
  • * classification group and level;
  • * salary range;
  • * posting date;
  • * closing date;
  • * whether the area of selection is national; and
  • * other variables of interest

The PSC has begun evaluating what can be included in an Open Government dataset of advertisements. The request is similar to an in-development product that the PSC has committed to release to the Open Government portal by the of the 2022-23 Fiscal Year.

In order to release the dataset, the PSC will confirm that no personal or protected information is disclosed within the dataset. The PSC will also standardize information related to salary ranges (which may be hourly or annual, depending on the poster).

In terms of frequency, the PSC aims to update this dataset quarterly in CSV format, and will explore whether more frequent publication is possible. The PSC will also explore the possibility of visualizing the resulting dataset for easier searching.

The size of the dataset will likely be such that it can be manipulated in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. Should the size become prohibitively large in the future, the PSC will explore whether a more recent subset of the dataset can also be released to Open Government.