Suggested Dataset: Historical Marginal Tax Rates

Canada Revenue Agency
Personal income tax brackets (at least Schedule 1s in a machine readable format) from the time Canada began collecting taxes. This seems to be a very basic, yet missing set. CRA has Schedule 1s back to 1985 but the index is not well formed and the earliest are available only in PDF format. Looking for a simple csv with marginal tax rates and associated years. 
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Jun 20, 2019
Status Updates
Status Updates
May 17, 2018 Dataset published

Thank you for your enquiry regarding personal income tax brackets from the time Canada began collecting taxes.

The CRA develops and maintains tax information content in print and web based tax products to allow Canadians to meet their tax obligations and receive their credit and benefit entitlements. As such, the personal income tax brackets for the 1985 and later tax years are made available online at: “Canadian income tax rates for individuals - current and previous years" ( Historical information on tax brackets prior to 1985 may be obtained by searching for Income Tax Act on the Justice Laws website at