Suggested Dataset: UN Register of Conventional Arms - Canada Archive

Global Affairs Canada
Canada submits an annual report to UNROCA each year. It would be great if this data was consolidated into a single large table so that researchers wouldn't need to manually compile all the reports together themselves to do analysis. At maximum: one table for Major conventional arms exports and imports, Small Arms exports and imports, and Light Weapons exports and imports. Then one table for Military Holdings and National Production. Each of the above tables should include the data for all available years, and have a year column to show which year each row of data is for. Long data, not wide data, since this table should be updated each year. i.e.
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Oct 6, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Oct 13, 2023 Dataset not held

The information as requested below is already available on the UNROCA website at The UNROCA website allows for all the data related to Canada to be filtered onto one page.

There would be no additive benefit for Canada to maintain a separate duplicative data source. In addition the UNROCA website is regularly updated. The creation of a second dataset could lead to two contradictory datasets if the two datasets are not updated at the same time in the same fashion. Given the foregoing, we suggest the requestor become more familiar with the UNROCA website.

Oct 10, 2023 Data owner is evaluating the request

Global affairs Canada will look into this question.