Suggested Dataset: All Department & Agency Contracts & Amendments Over $10,000

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
The Government of Canada’s Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts states that all departments must publish all contracts & amendments over $10,000. It does, but the format that this is presented in is difficult to parse and does not follow the best practice of government contracting as specified in the Open Contracting Data Standard Some data is provided in a CSV format on but the data is dirty & and it doesn’t include all government departments. It is also scattered across all government departments and isn’t available in a way that allows you to aggregate them without considerable effort. I would like a JSON file, following the Open Contracting Data Standard, for all GoC departments and agencies. I would like it to start in 2008 and end in 2017. It also needs to be both maintained going forward & managed through proper version control. It needs to be comprehensive. It is also important that the contracts be matched to existing Federal Corporations (where possible) as currently there is a lot of inconsistency in business names. Procurement isn’t something that most Canadians are familiar with, so including a definition file would probably be beneficial. A list of fields is available from the JSON reference This information is clearly distributed across the Government of Canada. There is transparency, but given that turning this data into knowledge is this difficult it is unlikely that most Canadians will not dig into this. One of the first things Obama did in his mandate was to establish We need to be moving toward this vision
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Apr 5, 2017
Status Updates
Status Updates
Dec 14, 2020 Dataset not held

The requested calendar year 2008-2017 government wide contract & amendment over $10,000 dataset in the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) format is not available and departments do not have the ability in their current procurement/financial reporting systems to convert existing published contracts data into the OCDS format.

The closest available government-wide contracts and amendments dataset are the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts dataset published here: