Suggested Dataset: Treaty List

Global Affairs Canada
The treaty list on should be released as Open Data. This should be one dataset with the EN and FR data. This should be a simple dataset to compile via a script and automatically publish as open data. The dataset should be available in the data API.
Suggestion sent to organization:
Oct 6, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Oct 20, 2023 Dataset not held

The Treaty Law Division’s Treaty portal is a public-facing website and it’s purpose is to provide direct access to exactly what this person is asking for, and that the requestor can simply conduct a search.

A member of the public who wishes to see all of the treaties in the treaty list can click “All” in the left-hand menu under Treaty List and press Search. The search results will say (as of today) “4358 Treaties found”. Only a certain number will be initially displayed; you have to keep clicking “Show More Treaties” at the bottom to see additional treaties.

There is no “simple list” as the one they propose that we set up because there are over 4,000 entries in the portal, all publicly available.

Oct 10, 2023 Data owner is evaluating the request

GAC will look into this.