Suggested Dataset: Database of buyers / importers

Canada Border Services Agency
Hi, Can u help us by providing the list of importer into canada and any others countries' buyers / importer? We are Import Export training institute and our students want such type of data for starting their businesses. Our web is Would be better if databases of importers should be with emails, mobile and website.
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May 1, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Jun 20, 2023 Data owner unable to publish dataset

The CBSA collect’s this data through cargo/customs requirements. This is considered customs information and protected under S.107 of the Customs Act. Customs Act (

The CBSA is required to share information with Stats Can through a MOU. StatsCan gathers this data from CBSA, along with other entities, cleans the data and shares it at an Aggregate level with Industry Canada for research and analysis.

This aggregate data is then published for public use through Open Government databases such as
Open Government Portal
Canadian Importers Database

Any requests for updates of this data would need to be pursued through Stats Can.

May 20, 2023 Dataset not held

This suggestion is transferred from Global Affairs Canada

May 1, 2023 Dataset not held

The Canadian Importers Database from ISED at provides a list of importers (Canadian and non-residents) by HS code. Could this be of interest?

Also, we publish the list of TPL recipients for clothing and textiles (importers and exporters) on the departmental website at The list of TPL recipients for the year 2022 should be added to the departmental website in the next few days. If needed, we can request our data group to generate a report that would provide the importers (and their addresses) only.

Finally, we publish allocation holder lists for beef and veal: If any others, we can let you know.