Suggested Dataset: Provincial data sets - in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format

Department of Finance Canada
The Canadian Securities Administrators' XBRL financial filings database. The only way to access this data is via SEDAR. Only human queries are allowed, and only individual files can be accessed one at a time. I realize that the CSA coordinates securities regulators across provincial jurisdictions and likely isn't a federal gov't department. I also realize that SEDAR offers bulk access to filings for monetary fees. Although individual filings are available, I feel that it is unfair to restrict free access to public company filings in bulk. The SEC in the US provides a system for XBRL data in bulk (see My suggestion is that all public financial reporting data in XBRL format be made freely available, in bulk format. XBRL filing is voluntary in Canada. This is because XBRL is being assessed as an acceptable standard for mandatory filings. How will we assess the ability to draw conclusions from XBRL data if it is not easily accessible? The consumption/analysis side of XBRL appears to be severely lagging behind, both in Canada and internationally. With proper software, we could draw broad conclusions about the state and health of the Canadian economy. We could see industry-specific and national trends by analyzing the financials of every public company in Canada and calculating averages and changes over time. These valuable conclusions could direct businesses on how to best adapt to the current economy, and also guide economic policy decisions made at the provincial/federal level. Despite some of its shortfalls (which I describe here:, XBRL has much potential and could be better used in an open/public fashion. Under the right conditions, Canada could become a leader and trend-setter in the international XBRL community.
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Apr 25, 2014
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Status Updates
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