Suggested Dataset: Ecocide acts

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Recognizing extensive damage of our environment, the web of life as ecocide is being debated at international forum, at the World Congress on Justice Law and Governance for Environmental Sustainability in Jun 2012 and at the UN Food and Agriculture Headquarters in Oct 2012 in and in repeated correspondence to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. What threat does extensive damage to the web of life pose to national security. What duty does the Government of Canada have to protect Canadians from those permitting through inadequate legislation or through the subsequent conduct by corporate leaders and individuals ? Was the decimation of plains Buffalo ecocide? Is failing to implement recovery programs for endangered species ecocide? Is the plundering of sharks for soup ecocide? Is the human, toxic, ecological and carbon footprint of the tarsands sustainable, ethical, ecocide? Was the sabotage of the electric vehicle in California by the CEO and Board of Directors of GM in 2000 an act of ecocide? Is gross mismanagement or the plundering of fish, forest and water resources a threat to food security, ecocide?
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Aug 9, 2013
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