Suggested Dataset: List of artifacts recovered from the wreck of HMS Erebus, 2014-2019

Parks Canada
One of the most significant archaeological discovery has been the exploration of the Wrecks of HMS Erebus. Parks Canada, in collaboration with Inuit, has identified the ship wreck and created a renewed interest in Sir John Franklin’s legendary 1845 expedition. During this exploration, several artifacts were recovered. Please consider creating a list, include relevant metadata and publish it in machine readable data format, not just photographs. I recognize that there are some general information available on the government website - However, this information is scattered around various online pages and part of news release, general overview and web content. It can be more accessible to public by creating a comprehensive list, data dictionary, metadata and relevant Alt text (alternative text) for photographs. This is critical as Alt text is read aloud by screen readers used by visually impaired users, and also indexed by search engine to better understand the content of the page.
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Oct 6, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Oct 6, 2023 Request sent to data owner – awaiting response