Suggested Dataset: Census of Agriculture

Statistics Canada
Census of Agriculture fully linked to geographic boundaries like CAR, CD, CCS. Additional Comments and Feedback: Statistics Canada has a full on geography division yet each time the census is released the census boundaries and the census data are released separately.  Users are left to merge the attribute data with the geographies (particularly the census of agriculture).  Stats Can does not provide a foreign key within the datasets to allow effective joining of the data and users must massage the data to create one - hoping no mistakes are made. Also the stats can website only allows the download of 4000 records at a time which is painful for some one that wants to use the entire agcensus by ccs for example.  Why not produce fully linked geographic and attribute datasets that are accessible via the open canada portal?
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Oct 2, 2017
Status Updates
Status Updates
Sep 10, 2020 Data owner is evaluating the request

Request sent to the Census of Agriculture group of Statistics Canada.